Transforming Young People, Changing the World

We want to tell every young person that knowing and loving Jesus is an opportunity to fully realise their own identity, purpose, and greatness. By chasing a deeper knowledge of who they truly are, they can confidently pursue the unique purpose for which they’ve been designed and created. The journey of our Catholic faith unlocks our greater potential to impact the world in the most fulfilling way. We desire everyone to take this journey!

How does NET work?

We have been pursuing our mission of evangelising young people in hundreds of schools and parishes nationwide. Our NET teams have contributed to revitalising the faith life of schools, parishes and university communities in more than 40 locations. This missionary pursuit has allowed us to spread the message of the Gospel to more than 500,000 young people since 1988. We are a peer to peer ministry that believes in the ability of our authentic witness to transmit our faith to young people in generations to come!

Equip the Called

Each year we accept 40-50 spirit-filled young adults who have heard a strong call in their lives to proclaim the Gospel to the next generation. They are trained for six weeks and mentored by NET staff throughout the year. These missionaries, known by many as 'Netters', experience community life in teams, a deepening of their personal faith, and the joy of ministering to other young people.

Pursue the Mission

Young people need to be pursued and know they are an important part the Church! We make an impact through three key missions, all of which occur in a unique context. We offer "Encounter Events" like retreats, youth groups and more, for schools and parishes to book throughout the year. We also offer long term missions where a team will serve your school, parish and university communities for 2-6 years.

Meeting Young People

Young people need to be met where they are at without judgement or expectation. No longer can we wait for them to come to us, but we need to go out to meet them. Our NET Teams are trained do this through the three areas that form the core of NET's ministry tools. This includes fellowship, proclamation, and invitation, and together they lay the foundation for the effectiveness of our teams in their mission fields.

NET Ministries Australia began as a youth ministry initiative under the Emmanuel Community in 1988 with one travelling team and a few staff. Since 2001 NET has been governed by a Board of Directors who steward the mission and charism of NET. We have grown in the last 30 years and are blessed with a NET Staff of mentors, trainers and speakers. Since 1988 their gifts have been instrumental in inspiring and training over 900 missionaries who have been called to serve on a NET team.