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NET has been incredibly blessed over the last 35 years, and we believe that God is working through us to help transform the lives of young people around Australia. To do this we need and rely on financial support to be able to send out as many teams as we can, to keep the National team running around the country, to pay our staff and to stay current and updated with our ministry.

If you are able to support NET financially we would love to hear from you. Whether it’s a one-off donation or a regular giving, we are incredibly grateful to all of those that support NET financially.



750,000+ Youth Reached since 1988!

Over 25,000 young people are reached every year. through NET Ministries. We rely on the generous support of our community to accomplish our mission of encouraging young people to love Jesus and embrace the church

Host Homes

Every year around about 50 missionaries come to Brisbane from around the world to serve with NET. During our three training periods throughout the year we look for homes who can host 2-3 Netters while they are not at our training camp. If you are interested in helping us out in this way, please fill out an expression of interest for hosting missionaries or contact us at the office. We look forward to hearing from you!



This mission isn’t our own to keep, and we know there is a lot of passion in our Church for the success of this work. We are interested in forming seeking sponsorship with passionate organisations that share our vision and want to invest in changing the faith landscape of the youth in our country!

For more information, please contact our office.


NET has a strong charism of daily prayer, in the life of the teams as well as the staff. Please join with us in interceding for the young people of Australia, our ministry, our staff and our teams. We believe that your prayers are a powerful way that you can support and get behind our mission.

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