Welcome to MX Mission!

Inspired by Mary of the Cross Mackillop, MX Mission explores and unlocks the greatest youth ministry potential in parish and school communities. This 2-3 year mission invites NET Teams to be embedded in your local community where they will live, minister, and invest in the young people in a full time capacity. It’s time to discover the possibilities when a community comes together!

The Teams

How to start your MX Mission

The heart of MX Mission is offering multiple opportunities and experiences for young people to engage with their faith. By doing so the hope is to bring the faith lives of the school and parish closer together and discover the possibilities for young people to further engage more deeply in their faith and grow in leadership.

After your expression of interest, we take the time to learn about your community and explore the opportunities for a NET Team to minister. This forms a guide called the Mission Charter that is a unique vision for the team’s ministry in your schools and parishes. The final stage involves signing off formalities in the fourth quarter for the NET Team to begin their ministry the following year.

MX Mission Enquires