Leaving A Mark… (Literally)

Well, we all know that the ‘rona season has left a side effect of sadness and uncertainty for many people, and it was a bit tough to see the usually busy and bustling hotspot, Kings Beach, emptier and quieter than normal. We thought we would help in bringing back some positivity and would #spreadkindnessnotrona, so we took to the streets of Kings Beach with our buckets of chalk, kindly sponsored by the Grade Preps of Unity College. Under the cover of darkness, with only the light of the streetlamps and our trusty iPhone 5s flashlight, we began our super-secret-covert mission of decorating the pathways leading up to and along Kings Beach. With a goal to bring a smile to people’s faces through words of encouragement and hope.

Messages ranging from “You are loved” and “God doesn’t make junk” to “Eat wholemeal bread”, there was something written for everyone. We tried to keep it anonymous but our proud Parish Priest, Fr Josh, mentioned our handy work on the Caloundra Parish Facebook page the next day, and through this we heard feedback that many people had seen and appreciated our colourful and rustic chalk messages.

In the end, the chalk covered clothing and slightly grazed knuckles from trying to get the most out of the chalk on the concrete was more than worth it, we wanted leave our mark even if it brought just one smile.

We then decided to do the same for the school we predominantly work with – Unity College, as a welcome back for the students as they finished with online learning.We saw how a small gesture can bring such encouragement and joy in a time when many were struggling to find it, and we are so excited to continue spreading the message of hope even in the smallest way in this little paradise called Caloundra.

As Theodore Roosevelt once said “Do what you can with what you have and where you are”

Shania Allen

NET Missionary | Caloundra Team 2020

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